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Believe in you.  Trust in You.  Eat, Move, Improve is a page committed to you. I want you to be empowered to make decisions and changes to improve your life and health.  But, you may not always have the knowledge to do that.  I want to provide you with the tools and tips to improve your fitness level, healthy eating, and mental strength.  You are awesome, You are beautiful.  You have the power to control your destiny and future.  All you have to do is Eat, Move, Improve!

My name is Anthony DiMarino. I am a Registered Dietitian from Cleveland, OH.  My passions are fitness, nutrition, and motivation. I have extensive knowledge and experience in wellness, healthcare, and disease treatment and disease.  I have worked with hundreds of people through counseling, consulting, and coaching in an effort to make a difference in their long term health.  In my spare time, I enjoy exercising, watching movies, and trying out new foods.  My goal with this blog is to reach as many people as possible and ultimately compile these posts into a book.   I cannot do this without loyal readers.   If you like this blog, please share it with your friends and family!



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